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Feel her inspiration in the feeling of the air, the smell of the ocean, the sound of a child's laughter. 



Marcia Cline was born in Maryland in 1961 and moved to North Carolina in 1979 where she remains rooted. Cline has painted since childhood and settled down to it seriously in her 20's after receiving her BFA at UNC-Wilmington with an emphasis on batik and printmaking. Marcia has studied continuously throughout her career with influential painters (such as Renata Keep, Patricia Kordas, John Silver, James Kerr, and John De la Vega) attending classes and workshops locally and abroad. 

Many have followed Clines work over the years, typified by a vibrant palette, movement, and apparent love of life in all it's forms. She is passionate about painting "en plein air", and strives to capture vanishing pieces of (her beloved) Outer Banks. One can also notice her oil canvases borne of numerous travels, or signature images portrayed on otherwise discarded older home shutters. 

Her style cannot be separated from her reverence and connectiveness to the area, traveling , surfing, and yoga. That being said, Marcia's true roots are her family.  She and her children Jewel and Hart live in Nags Head and are regarded as her greatest teachers. Marcia loves to paint, and it shows.  It is her communicator, she gives thanks to the great teachers before her, above all, she is grateful.

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